Individualized Nutritional Therapy. This plan is perfect for those facing dietary challenges and those who need support to address chronic health issues. This program includes evaluation of a food journal and health history, nutritional assessments, non-invasive functional and lingual-neuro testing, as well as individualized dietary and supplemental protocols.

This program is right for you if you are facing chronic inflammation, digestive issues, joint pain, unexplained headaches, low energy, weight you cannot gain or lose, or other issues that are not pathological in nature.

Nutritional Therapy will meet you where you are and will be specific to your own bio-individuality. The philosophy of Nutritional Therapy is that many of the health issues faced today are the result of weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations.  By addressing nutritional needs and proper system function, negative effects can often be reversed. Through a delicious, whole food, nutrient dense diet, and possibly some supplementation, we can achieve wellness.

Choose From:

6 Sessions (50-60 mins), weekly or every other week

10 Sessions (50-60 mins), weekly or every other week

Optional add-on session for pantry clean-out or grocery store tour



Education and Support for Transition. This program is designed for families, couples, or individuals who are ready to make the change to a real food lifestyle but don’t know where to start.  It is also for those who may feel overwhelmed and want support to ease the transition.  This plan can also be modified to fit those who are already on the right track toward a real food lifestyle but want to take it a few steps further. During these sessions you’ll learn the ins and outs of real food, with a diet that is designed to incorporate sustainable changes and also lead you toward your goals. It includes healthy eating guidelines, food sourcing, preparation, and planning tips, resources for recipes, and ideas for healthy snacks.

4 Sessions (50-60 mins), weekly

Optional add-on session for pantry clean-out or grocery store tour


Contact me for current program pricing. Pediatric pricing, hourly rates for individual appointments, and small group classes available upon request. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.