My Food Philosophy

I believe in real food – properly prepared, nutrient-dense, and whole. These are the foods that nourish our bodies and allow us to thrive in a beautiful yet busy, stressful, and contaminated world.  If we make real food a priority, being mindful that foods can either harm or heal, it can make a significant difference in how we feel mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My food philosophy is one of mindfulness and moderation. I want food to be simple and enjoyable – not a complicated chore.  We are all in different places on our food journeys and none of us is perfect so, I advocate having a little grace for yourself when it comes to preparing food and eating.  It is possible to be on a path to wellness without being perfect!

With a real food foundation in mind, we can make positive changes in how we look and feel.

My Goals

My goals as a nutritional therapist are to make real food nutrition accessible and attainable for individuals and for busy families.  I prefer to focus on lifestyle choices rather than diet trends, and to empower clients to make changes based on bio-individuality, not fad diets.  I plan to clear up confusing misinformation about mainstream nutrition and to be a source of support for clients making this journey.  And lastly, I hope to teach people why it’s important to ditch the packaged, processed junk and replace it with a love of whole foods –  to cook it themselves, and to sit down to enjoy it with family and friends.


I first became interested in nutrition when I was pregnant with my first child.  I knew, intuitively that the low-fat, high carb diet I was eating would not nourish the growing being inside me.  As I started to eat the foods my body craved, really listening to my body and answering it with real, whole foods, overall I felt better and had more energy.  After my children were born, I became even more passionate about wanting them to have the best start possible – I wanted more than anything, to have healthy, vibrant children. Over the years, studying nutrition became my hobby and passion and that eventually led me to the Nutritional Therapist Training Program.

I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and I work with clients of all ages and lifestyles.  My passion is getting people on the right track toward health and in helping people get to the root of their health issues as, food really does have the power to heal.